SUNROOFS / Signature Series


Signature Series Inbuilt Sunroofs provide the ultimate in open-air systems. Produced with world class styling and engineering, Doyles In Car offers the perfect inbuilt sunroof application for your vehicle, adding to its appearance, value and overall driving satisfaction.


  • Easy to operate three button one touch switch provides one touch open/one touch vent/one touch close position
  • Signature Series 845 is designed specifically for curved vehicle roofs
  • Solar tinted glass for comfort and style
  • Stamped steel trim ring promotes consistent glass panel seal and durability
  • Integrated adjustable pop-up wind deflector minimizes wind noise
  • Built in water management system protects against the elements
  • Sleek styled trim ring presents an OEM look
  • OEM mechanism ensures industry’s smoothest and quietest operation
  • Thin module design allows for additional headroom and a clean interior headliner finish
  • Pre-bent trim rings for ribbed vehicle roof applications
  • Utilizes only encapsulated glass, ensuring corrosion protection and consistent secure mounting
  • 750 Full Feature: 18″ x 30″
  • 840 Full Feature: 19″ x 33″
  • 845 Full Feature: 19″ x 33″ (Specifically designed for curved vehicle roofs)
  • 925 Full Feature: 19″ x 36″